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Solemn Statement on Publication Fee
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¡¡¡¡Recently, our agency received feedbacks from some authors that some unscrupulous companies and individuals on behalf of editorial departments of Chang¡¯an University Magazine fraudulently to cheat the authors¡¯ publication fee through uploading false submission instructions and consulting documents, and providing false mailbox.
¡¡¡¡In view of this, Chang'an University Magazine solemnly remind that: there is only on website of our agency, which is http://zzs.chd.edu.cn/. The corresponding mailbox and relevant information of the academic journals can inquiries in the website, and our agency¡¯s remittance account is public households, and the username is Chang¡¯an University Magazine. Any remittance account opened in the name of private is not the official account of our agency.
¡¡¡¡Please identify the authenticity of the account remittance when submission, do not to remit money to any individual account. If you receive a similar employment notice as follow, please keep evidence and contact with the editorial department for verification, so as to report to the police.
¡¡¡¡Here, Chang'an University magazine solemnly declare that the fraud of criminals has nothing to do with our agency. We will retain the right to pursue the legal responsibility of such criminals.