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Requirements of Paper Revision
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(1) According to the expert opinions, articles should highlight the key;
(2) On the front page of the paper, please indicate the introduction of the first author, such as format name, year of birth, gender, native place (city, county), unit (institute and department), job title, education degree (reading), telephone and E-mail (very important);
(3) The paper figure and table must have a title; The chart of contrast in both Chinese and English.
(4) Author, title, version, publishing, publishers and publishing years; If it is a journal articles, should include the author, the paper name, title, publication year, volume number, issue and page Numbers; If it is a paper, should include the name, proceedings editor, proceedings of proceedings and essays published, the publisher and publishing years; If it is a dissertation, should include the author, the paper, the degree-conferring unit address and name and reply; If it is the patent document, should include name of the applicant for the patent, patent document types, patent number, date of publication; If it is a technical standard, should include the standard code, standard serial number, name, and publication year.For some reference, not in English must have the English form.
(5) The paper should indicate precipitation funds projects, research projects and project number;
(6) According to the EI format writing: the object of study, the specific research method or process, the specific research results, the conclusion, probably about 400 words; Requires detailed these four elements.
(7)Keywords content should according to the paper which find from the authoritative technology noun series.
(8)The introduction of the author should summarize the field of related work which you have done before, should give references mentioned about the work. On the basis of summarizing predecessors' work, this paper should points out that the study of the similarities, differences in working with others and expected results in what direction and breakthrough.
(9) This publication reject repetitive published (including online full text, in the English language) and dissertations published articles. Refused to misconduct, even for reference, the original paper repetition is not more than 20%; the key research content less than 20%. Conclusive statement is not in this paper should indicate the source. It will be rejected if failed in misconduct system testing.