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On Introduction of Scientific and Technological Papers
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As introduction of scientific papers which often want to be engaged in the study of why the development work and guides the reader to read and understand the full text.
Preface is the beginning of the paper with brief introduction about the space of the paper writing background, purpose, cause and research requirements of the reality. It content the related fields in previous work and research situation of this research and the former work; the relationship between the current research hot-spots, existing problems and the author's work, lead to the topic of this article for the author to boot.
Introduction can also point out the theoretical basis and experimental basis, simply expounds its research content. In a few words indicate the results of this study and the significant prospect, but don't need to discuss.
Writing Requirement
Don¡¯t beat about the bush. Avoid much about history origin and research process.
Concise and focused. Should not be narrate more textbook content. Mark it in the form of a reference when you need to mention the research achievements of others and the basic principle. Tip in the introduction work and ideas of this article, the meaning should be clear, language should be concise.
Respect for science and seek truth from facts. Discusses the research significance of this article, the measured should be paid attention to. Avoid to use ¡°high academic value¡±, ¡°fill the gaps at domestic and oversea¡±, ¡°first time found that¡±; Also should pay attention to no polite formula.
The introduction of the content should not be the same as annotation. The introduction should be generally and conclusion photograph echo should have the answer in the conclusion, should avoid to the introduction and conclusion.
Quote don't need to explain the opening process and the achievements appraisal procedure, also don't have to quote all the contract documents and identification conclusions.
Brief introduction not to be division, not to us the illustrations and mathematical formula.

Summary of English and Chinese Abstracts