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Submission Guidelines for Authors
¡¡¡¡The online submission system will be used for Journal of Chang¡¯an University(Natural Science Edition). Please visit our editing system http://zzszrb.chd.edu.cn/ to register, upload your manuscript in accordance with the requirements. If there exists any problems, please contact the editorial department in time. Thank you for supporting our work! Specific operations are as follows:
¡¡¡¡1. Register as Authors
¡¡¡¡Click on the ¡°Online Registration¡± on the home page to register as authors. After the completion of registration, system will automatically give sent emails to authors¡¯ registered mailbox to inform their user name and password. If you forget the password, please check it in the registered mailbox.
¡¡¡¡2. Submission and Inquiry
¡¡¡¡Authors please click on the ¡°Online Submission Query¡± on the home page, enter the user name and password to login to the authors¡¯ page. Then, Click on ¡°I Want to Contribute¡± to upload manuscript after the manuscript information was fill in. After the uploading was completed, please be sure to click ¡°the next¡± button, then, system will automatically distribute manuscript number and receiving notification to authors (which can be seen at ¡°unread messages¡±).
¡¡¡¡Note: if authors¡¯ information changes, you can modify it on the page of ¡°Authors¡¯ Center.