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About journal
¡¡¡¡Journal of Chang¡¯an University(Natural Science Edition) (ISSN 1672-8879, Chang¡¯an Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban)) is a bimonthly international journal that publishes in Chinese high quality original research articles and timely reviews in fields of transport engineering and basic disciplines. It aims to bridge innovative, provocative and challenging concepts and models related to various fields of research including road engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, traffic engineering, Traffic information engineering and control, Transportation planning and management, automobile engineering, automobile application engineering and mechanical engineering with new insights on correlations and evolution. It was established in 1981. It publishs papers in Chinese with English abstracts.
¡¡¡¡Journal of Chang¡¯an University(Natural Science Edition) is one of the core journals of science and technology in China in the fields of road and transportation, is included in Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation(RCCSE), Chinese Road Documentation Service(CRDS) and statistical source journal of scientific papers in China. It has been the fixed issue source of Ulrich¡¯s Periodicals Directory (Ulrich¡¯s IPD), Index of Copernicus (IC), Scopus, International Road Research Documentation(IRRD) and Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD).