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Freeze resistance characteristics of cement-stabilized macadam under freeze-thaw cycle(PDF)


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Freeze resistance characteristics of cement-stabilized macadam under freeze-thaw cycle
TIAN Yu-xiang MA Biao WANG Da-long LI Ning
1. Key Laboratory for Special Area Highway Engineering of Ministry of Education, Chang’an University, Xi’an 710064, Shaanxi, China; 2. Shenyang Highway Administration Bureau, Shenyang 850000, Liaoning, China
road engineering cement-stabilized macadam freeze-thaw cycle freezeresistant coefficient prediction model
Strength and durability of semi-rigid type bases, such as cement stabilized macadam base, will reduce under the action of frequent freeze-thaw cycle in high-altitude areas of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which affect the entire performance of pavement. Based on the new project of Lhasa to Gongga Airport Dedicated Road, starting from anti-freeze-thaw performance of cement-stabilized macadam under freeze-thaw cycle, this paper used indoor experiment to simulate freeze-thaw cycle and analyzed the strength loss law of cement-stabilized macadam base under different times of freeze-thaw cycle. Freeze-resistant coefficient of compressive strength and splitting strength was introduced as evaluation index to contrast and analyze the co-relationship among cement content, curing temperature, freeze-thaw cycle number and freeze-resistant coefficient of cement-stabilized macadam. Freeze-resistant coefficient was set as main parameter. Cement content, curing temperature, and freeze-thaw cycle time were set as variables. Temperature correction coefficient was introduced to revise the influence of primary curing temperature. Regression analysis was carried out on freeze-resistant coefficient and binary linear prediction model was established to calculate relative errors between calculated values and measured values, so as to verify the fitting precision. The results show that strength and freeze-resistant coefficient declines with the increase of freeze-thaw cycle number, and strength loss is more obvious when the freeze-thaw cycle number is 0 to 5. Higher cement content and curing temperature can effectively reduce the strength loss of freeze-thaw of cement-stabilized macadam, so the recommended cement content is 4% (mass fraction, the same below) and curing temperature should be kept above 10 ℃, which can effectively improve the anti-freeze-thaw properties of materials. The established binary linear prediction model has high fitting accuracy and good reproducibility, which can provide references for the anti-freeze performance research, and guide the design and construction of semi-rigid base in special areas.



Last Update: 2017-07-17